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Apache Solr Search Patterns
ISBN: 1783981849
Author: Jayant Kumar
Category: Algorithms
Spark in Action
ISBN: 1617292605
Author: Marko Bonaci, Petar Zecevic
Category: Algorithms
Python Machine Learning Case Studies
ISBN: 1484228227
Author: Danish Haroon
Category: Algorithms
Algorithms For Dummies
ISBN: 1119330491
Author: John Paul Mueller, Luca Massaron
Category: Algorithms
R Deep Learning Essentials
ISBN: 1785280589
Author: Dr. Joshua F. Wiley
Category: Algorithms Data Mining
Machine Learning for Email
ISBN: 1449314309
Author: Drew Conway, John Myles White
Category: Algorithms
Mastering Python Data Visualization
ISBN: 1783988320
Author: Kirthi Raman
Category: Python Algorithms
Objective C Memory Management Essentials
ISBN: 1849697124
Author: Gibson Tang, Maxim Vasilkov
Category: Algorithms
Algorithms: Design and Analysis
ISBN: 0199456666
Author: Harsh Bhasin
Category: Algorithms
Clojure Data Structures and Algorithms Cookbook
ISBN: 1785281453
Author: Rafik Naccache
Category: Datebases Algorithms
Algorithms in a Nutshell, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 1491948922
Author: Gary Pollice, George T. Heineman, Stanley Selkow
Category: Algorithms
Machine Learning with R, Second Edition
ISBN: 1784393908
Author: Brett Lantz
Category: Algorithms
Teaching Learning Based Optimization Algorithm
ISBN: 3319227319
Author: R. Venkata Rao
Category: Algorithms
Data Structures and Algorithms with Python
ISBN: 3319130714
Author: Kent Lee, Steve Hubbard
Category: Algorithms
Software Essentials: Design and Construction
ISBN: 1439841209
Author: Adair Dingle
Category: Algorithms
Practical Graph Analytics with Apache Giraph
ISBN: 1484212525
Author: Claudio Martella, Dionysios Logothetis, Roman Shaposhnik
Category: Algorithms
Genetic Algorithms in Java Basics
ISBN: 1484203291
Author: Burak Kanber, Lee Jacobson
Category: Algorithms
Machine Learning
ISBN: 1118889061
Author: Jason Bell
Category: Algorithms
D3.js In Action
ISBN: 1617292117
Author: Elijah Meeks
Category: Algorithms
Data Structures and the Java Collections Framework, 3rd Edition
ISBN: 0470482672
Author: William Collins
Category: Java Algorithms