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Implementing iOS and macOS Documents with the Files App
ISBN: 1484244915
Author: Jesse Feiler
Category: Apps
Progressive Web Apps with Angular
ISBN: 1484244478
Author: Majid Hajian
Category: Apps
Progressive Web Apps
ISBN: 1617294586
Author: Dean Alan Hume
Category: Apps
Securing PHP Apps
ISBN: 1484221192
Author: Ben Edmunds
Category: PHP Apps
Making Musical Apps
ISBN: 1449314902
Author: Peter Brinkmann
Category: Apps
Google Apps Script for Beginners
ISBN: 1783552174
Author: Serge Gabet
Category: Network Administration Apps
LiveCode Mobile Development Beginner’s Guide
ISBN: 1849692483
Author: Holgate Colin
Category: Apps
Web App Testing Using Knockout.JS
ISBN: 1783982845
Author: Roberto Messora
Category: Apps
Amazing Android Apps For Dummies
ISBN: 0470936290
Author: Daniel A. Begun
Category: Apps
Hello Web App
ISBN: 0986365920
Author: Tracy Osborn
Category: Apps
Write Web Apps with Dart: Develop and Design
ISBN: 0134214994
Author: Jack Murphy
Category: Apps
Build watchOS Apps: Develop and Design
ISBN: 0134175174
Author: Mark Goody, Maurice Kelly
Category: Apps
Programming Chrome Apps
ISBN: 1491904283
Author: Marc Rochkind
Category: JavaScript Apps
WebSocket Essentials – Building Apps with HTML5 WebSockets
ISBN: 1784396753
Author: Varun Chopra
Category: HTML, HTML5 & CSS Apps
Client-Server Web Apps with JavaScript and Java
ISBN: 978-1-44936-933-0
Author: Casimir Saternos
Category: Apps
Flask Web Development
ISBN: 9781449372620, 978-1-449-37262-0
Author: Miguel Grinberg
Category: Apps
Frameworks, Methodologies, and Tools for Developing Rich Internet Applications
ISBN: 978-1-4666-6437-1, 1466664371
Author: Giner Alor-Hernández, Luis Omar Colombo-Mendoza, Viviana Yarel Rosales-Morales
Category: Apps
Hands-On Sencha Touch 2
ISBN: 978-1-44936-652-0
Author: Lee Boonstra
Category: Apps
Learning Single-page Web Application Development
ISBN: 978-1-78355-209-2
Author: Fernando Monteiro
Category: Apps
Learning Web App Development
ISBN: 978-1-44937-019-0
Author: Semmy Purewal
Category: Apps