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Big Data

Processing Big Data with Azure HDInsight
ISBN: 1484228685
Author: Vinit Yadav
Category: Big Data
Tabular Modeling with SQL Server 2016 Analysis Services Cookbook
ISBN: 1786468611
Author: Derek Wilson
Category: Big Data
Handbook of Big Data Technologies
ISBN: 3319493396
Author: Albert Y. Zomaya, Sherif Sakr
Category: Big Data
Pro Hadoop Data Analytics
ISBN: 1484219090
Author: Kerry Koitzsch
Category: Big Data
SQL on Big Data
ISBN: 1484222466
Category: Big Data
People Analytics in the Era of Big Data
ISBN: 1119050782
Author: Jean Paul Isson, Jesse S. Harriott
Category: Big Data
Big Data
ISBN: 1118965833
Author: Bernard Marr
Category: Big Data
Making Big Data Work for Your Business
ISBN: 1783000988
Author: Sudhi Sinha
Category: Big Data
Cloud Networking for Big Data
ISBN: 3319247182
Author: Deze Zeng, Lin Gu, Song Guo
Category: Cloud Computing Big Data
MDX with SSAS 2012 Cookbook
ISBN: 1849689601
Author: Sherry Li, Tomislav Piasevoli
Category: Big Data
Next Generation Databases: NoSQL, NewSQL, and Big Data
ISBN: 1484213300
Author: Guy Harrison
Category: NoSQL Big Data
Big Data Analytics with Spark
ISBN: 1484209656
Author: Mohammed Guller
Category: Big Data
Big Data Analysis for Bioinformatics and Biomedical Discoveries
ISBN: 1498724523
Author: Shui Qing Ye
Category: Big Data
Apache Oozie Essentials
ISBN: 1785880381
Author: Jagat Jasjit Singh
Category: Big Data
Big Data Analysis
ISBN: 3319269879
Author: Jerzy Stefanowski, Nathalie Japkowicz
Category: Big Data
Rule Based Systems for Big Data
ISBN: 3319236954
Author: Alexander Gegov, Han Liu, Mihaela Cocea
Category: Big Data
Big Data in Complex Systems: Challenges and Opportunities
ISBN: 3319110551
Author: Aboul Ella Hassanien
Category: Big Data
Couchbase Essentials
ISBN: 978-1-78439-449-3
Author: John Zablocki
Category: Big Data
PostgreSQL Server Programming, Second Edition
ISBN: 1783980583
Author: Hannu Krosing, Jim Mlodgenski, Kirk Roybal, Usama Dar
Category: Big Data
Expert T-SQL Window Functions in SQL Server
ISBN: 1484211049
Author: Clayton Groom, Kathi Kellenberger
Category: Big Data