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Building Single Page Applications in .NET Core 3
ISBN: 1484257464
Author: Michele Aponte
Category: .NET
DevSecOps for .NET Core
ISBN: 1484258495
Author: Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
Category: .NET
Advanced.NET Remoting, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 1590594177
Author: Ingo Rammer, Mario Szpuszta
Category: .NET
Beginning Microsoft Power BI, 3rd Edition
ISBN: 1484256190
Author: Dan Clark
Category: C & C++ .NET
Exploring the .NET Core 3.0 Runtime
ISBN: 1484251121
Author: Roger Villela
Category: C & C++ .NET
Building Web Applications with .NET Core 2.1 and JavaScript, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 1484253515
Author: Ben Dewey, Kevin Grossnicklaus, Philip Japikse
Category: .NET
.NET DevOps for Azure
ISBN: 1484253426
Author: Jeffrey Palermo
Category: .NET
Migrating Microservices to Core
ISBN: 1484243269
Author: Iris Classon
Category: C & C++ .NET
Building Microservices Applications on Microsoft Azure
ISBN: 1484248279
Author: Harsh Chawla, Hemant Kathuria
Category: C & C++ .NET
Essentials of Administering Team Foundation Server 2015
ISBN: 9781484205723
Author: Gary Gauvin
Category: C & C++ .NET
Pro .NET Benchmarking
ISBN: 1484249402
Author: Andrey Akinshin
Category: .NET
Machine Learning with Microsoft Technologies
ISBN: 1484236572
Author: Leila Etaati
Category: .NET Hardware & DIY
Design Patterns in .NET
ISBN: 148424365X
Author: Dmitri Nesteruk
Category: .NET
Integrating Serverless Architecture
ISBN: 1484244885
Author: Rami Vemula
Category: C & C++ .NET
Deploying SharePoint 2019
ISBN: 1484245253
Author: Trevor Seward, Vlad Catrinescu
Category: .NET Hardware & DIY
MVVM Survival Guide for Enterprise Architectures in Silverlight and WPF
ISBN: 1849683425
Author: Muhammad Shujaat Siddiqi, Ryan Vice
Category: C & C++ .NET
Beginning Azure IoT Edge Computing
ISBN: 1484245350
Author: David Jensen
Category: .NET Hardware & DIY
Pro Windows Embedded Compact 7
ISBN: 1430241799
Author: Abraham Kcholi
Category: C# .NET
Customizing Dynamics 365
ISBN: 1484243781
Author: Sanjaya Yapa
Category: C & C++ .NET
Mastering LOB Development for Silverlight 5
ISBN: 1849683549
Author: Braulio Díez, José Fernando Almoguera, Pablo Núñez Navarro, Rocío Serrano, Sebastian Stehle
Category: .NET