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Beginning Sensor Networks with XBee, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino, Second Edition
ISBN: 1484257952
Author: Charles Bell
Category: Python
Django Standalone Apps
ISBN: 148425631X
Author: Ben Lopatin
Category: Python
Thinking in Pandas
ISBN: 148425838X
Author: Hannah Stepanek
Category: Python
Beginning PyQt
ISBN: 1484258568
Author: Joshua M. Willman
Category: Python
The Definitive Guide to Masonite
ISBN: 1484256018
Author: Christopher Pitt, Joe Mancuso
Category: Python
Impractical Python Projects
ISBN: 159327890X
Author: Lee Vaughan
Category: Python
Python for SAS Users
ISBN: 1484250001
Author: Randy Betancourt, Sarah Chen
Category: Python
Mastering Machine Learning with Python in Six Steps, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 1484249461
Author: Manohar Swamynathan
Category: Python
Practices of the Python Pro
ISBN: 1617296082
Author: Dane Hillard
Category: Python
Developing Cognitive Bots Using the IBM Watson Engine
ISBN: 1484255542
Author: Navin Sabharwal, Neha Anand, Pallavi Aggarwal, Sudipta Barua
Category: Python
Designing Microservices with Django
ISBN: 1484253574
Author: Akos Hochrein
Category: Python
Python Projects for Beginners
ISBN: 148425354X
Author: Connor P. Milliken
Category: Python
Beginning Anomaly Detection Using Python-Based Deep Learning
ISBN: 1484251768
Author: Sridhar Alla, Suman Kalyan Adari
Category: Python
Practical Cryptography in Python
ISBN: 1484248996
Author: Christopher K. Monson, Seth James Nielson
Category: Python
Learn PySpark
ISBN: 1484249607
Author: Pramod Singh
Category: Python
Practical Data Science with Python 3
ISBN: 1484248589
Author: Ervin Varga
Category: Python
Applied Reinforcement Learning with Python
ISBN: 1484251261
Author: Beysolow II Taweh
Category: Python
Game Development with Ren’Py
ISBN: 1484249194
Author: Robert Ciesla
Category: Python Game Programming
DevOps in Python
ISBN: 148424432X
Author: Moshe Zadka
Category: Python
Python, PyGame, and Raspberry Pi Game Development, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 1484245326
Author: Sloan Kelly
Category: Python