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Hands-on Booting
ISBN: 1484258894
Author: Yogesh Babar
Category: Operating Systems
Practical R 4
ISBN: 1484259459
Author: Jon Westfall
Category: Programming
Beginning Unity Android Game Development
ISBN: 1484260015
Author: Kishan Takoordyal
Category: Game Programming
Learn Data Mining Through Excel
ISBN: 1484259815
Author: Hong Zhou
Category: C & C++
JavaScript: The New Toys
ISBN: 1119367956
Author: T. J. Crowder
Category: JavaScript
Practical hapi
ISBN: 1484258045
Author: Kanika Sud
Category: JavaScript
Getting Started with Advanced C#
ISBN: 1484259335
Author: Vaskaran Sarcar
Category: C#
Dynamics 365 Essentials, Second Edition
ISBN: 1484259106
Category: Networking & Cloud Computing
Beginning Sensor Networks with XBee, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino, Second Edition
ISBN: 1484257952
Author: Charles Bell
Category: Python
IoT Development for ESP32 and ESP8266 with JavaScript
ISBN: 1484250699
Author: Peter Hoddie
Category: JavaScript
Webpack for Beginners
ISBN: 1484258959
Author: Mohamed Bouzid
Category: JavaScript
Introducing Disaster Recovery with Microsoft Azure
ISBN: 1484259165
Author: Bapi Chakraborty
Category: Cloud Computing
Agile Artificial Intelligence in Pharo
ISBN: 1484253833
Author: Alexandre Bergel
Category: Programming
Ensemble Learning for AI Developers
ISBN: 1484259394
Author: Alok Kumar
Category: Programming
Moving from Unity to Godot
ISBN: 1484259076
Category: Game Programming
The Modern Data Warehouse in Azure
ISBN: 1484258223
Author: Matt How
Category: Datebases
Beginning Apache Spark Using Azure Databricks
ISBN: 1484257804
Author: Robert Ilijason
Category: Cloud Computing
Articulate Storyline Essentials
ISBN: 1784392073
Author: Ashley Chiasson
Category: Computers & Technology
Django Standalone Apps
ISBN: 148425631X
Author: Ben Lopatin
Category: Python
Pro ASP.NET Core 3, 8th. Edition
ISBN: 1484254392
Author: Adam Freeman
Category: ASP.NET