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Firewalls Don’t Stop Dragons
ISBN: 1484261887
Author: Carey Parker
Category: Security
Raku Fundamentals, Second Edition
ISBN: 1484261089
Author: Moritz Lenz
Category: Perl
Demystifying Azure AI
ISBN: 1484262182
Author: Kasam Shaikh
Category: Networking & Cloud Computing
Practical Smart Device Design and Construction
ISBN: 1484256131
Author: Christopher Harrold
Category: Hardware & DIY
Design Thinking in Software and AI Projects
ISBN: 1484261526
Author: Robert Stackowiak
Category: Software
Micro Frontends in Action
ISBN: 978-1617296871
Author: Michael Geers
Category: Web Development
Practical Test Automation
ISBN: 1484261402
Author: Panos Matsinopoulos
Category: JavaScript
Practical Entity Framework
ISBN: 1484260430
Author: Brian L. Gorman
Category: Datebases
Android Application Development All-in-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition
ISBN: 1119660459
Author: Barry Burd, John Paul Mueller
Category: Programming
Flutter For Dummies
ISBN: 1119612586
Author: Burd
Category: Programming
CASP+ Practice Tests
ISBN: 1119683726
Author: Nadean H. Tanner
Category: Computer Science
Effective C
ISBN: 1718501048
Author: Robert C. Seacord
Category: C & C++
Networking For Dummies, 12th Edition
ISBN: 1119648505
Author: Doug Lowe
Category: Networking & Cloud Computing
Delphi Quick Syntax Reference
ISBN: 1484261119
Author: John Kouraklis
Category: Delphi
Beginning Jakarta EE Web Development, 3rd Edition
ISBN: 1484258657
Author: Giulio Zambon, Luciano Manelli
Category: Java
Basic Linux Terminal Tips and Tricks
ISBN: 1484260341
Author: Philip Kirkbride
Category: Linux & Unix
C++20 Quick Syntax Reference, 4th Edition
ISBN: 1484259947
Author: Mikael Olsson
Category: C & C++
Practical Hexo
ISBN: 1484260880
Author: Alex Libby
Category: Programming
Advanced Python Development
ISBN: 1484257928
Author: Matthew Wilkes
Category: Python