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Microsoft Blazor, 2nd Edition
ISBN: Building Web Applications in .NET
Category: C & C++
Understanding System.IO for .NET Core 3
ISBN: 1484258711
Author: Roger Villela
Category: C & C++
Beginning PyQt
ISBN: 1484258568
Author: Joshua M. Willman
Category: Python
SQL Server Big Data Clusters, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 148425984X
Author: Benjamin Weissman, Enrico Van De Laar
Category: SQL
The Definitive Guide to Masonite
ISBN: 1484256018
Author: Christopher Pitt, Joe Mancuso
Category: Python
Mastering VMware vSphere 5.5
ISBN: 9781118661147
Author: Forbes Guthrie, Josh Atwell, Matt Liebowitz, Nick Marshall, Scott Lowe
Category: Cloud Computing
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Practice Tests
ISBN: 1119622727
Author: Ben Piper, Sara Perrott
Category: Certification
Unlocking Blockchain on Azure
ISBN: 1484250427
Author: Shilpa Karkeraa
Category: Hardware & DIY
IoT Machine Learning Applications in Telecom, Energy, and Agriculture
ISBN: 1484255488
Author: Puneet Mathur
Category: Cloud Computing
Commercial and Industrial Internet of Things Applications with the Raspberry Pi
ISBN: 1484252950
Author: Alexandru Radovici, Cristian Rusu, Ioana Culic
Category: Computer Science
Spring Boot Persistence Best Practices
ISBN: 1484256255
Author: Anghel Leonard
Category: Java
ISBN: 148425807X
Category: Computer Science
Apple macOS and iOS System Administration
ISBN: 1484258193
Category: iOS
Programming with 64-Bit ARM Assembly Language
ISBN: 1484258800
Author: Stephen Smith
Category: Programming
The Project Managers Guide to Microsoft Project 2019
ISBN: 1484256379
Author: Gus Cicala
Category: Office
Natural Language Processing with Python and spaCy
ISBN: 1718500521
Author: Yuli Vasiliev
Category: Programming
Developing Inclusive Mobile Apps
ISBN: 1484258134
Author: Rob Whitaker
Category: Swift
C++20 Recipes, 2nd Edition
ISBN: 148425712X
Author: Bruce Sutherland, J. Burton Browning
Category: C & C++
C# 8.0 in a Nutshell
ISBN: 1492051136
Author: Eric Johannsen, Joseph Albahari
Category: C#
Teach Yourself VISUALLY MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, 5th Edition
ISBN: 1119683890
Author: Guy Hart-Davis
Category: Hardware & DIY